Members of the Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA) are committed to demonstrating and sustaining transparency, accountability to multiple stakeholders, and integrity in their internal ways of working. They do this through voluntary self-regulation practices (such as feedback and complaints mechanisms, code of conducts, environmental procedures, safeguarding policies) in each of their networks, taking into account the diversity and the crucial role national and regional networks play in strengthening civil society in their contexts and influencing social transformation.

AGNA members, as national associations or networks, need to be accountable to different publics but mainly to their membership, ensuring the voices and feedback of their constituents is consistently included in decision-making.

This self-assessment tool is based on Rendir APP which was developed by Rendir Cuentas Regional Initiative. It presents a set of minimum principles and criteria from the Global Standard for CSO Accountability, for organisations to identify their areas of growth in their learning and their practice related to information, transparency and accountability. The aim is to strengthen the work of AGNA members with their networks and in their contexts and to build a positive accountability culture among the civil society sector globally.

This self-assessment is targeted at AGNA members, i.e. national associations and national platforms, but it can be used by any other membership association interested in advancing in their accountability. Please answer all questions honestly, without fear of judgement or consequence, as any bias skewing the responses will result in recommendations that do not match the network’s reality - or you will miss out on helpful advice and resources. Also, as it might be difficult for one person to provide accurate responses to all thematic areas, it is suggested that responses are selected by a team of representatives from across the network (potentially via a dedicated meeting). 

This self-assessment tool has been produced with the kind assistance of the European Union. The contents of this application are the sole responsibility of CIVICUS and AGNA and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

Contact: agna@civicus.org

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